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Marrick Finance is the reason I got financially sit up. Over the months, I have been able to increase my student credit limit and boost my credit score significantly after following suggestions from their amazing customer support. The company works even with those with poor credit! Thanks for the help!


If you have poor or no credit at all and you need a student loan that will not hu break your bank with interest, Marrick Finance is who you go to! They are friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely willing to help. I was approved for a loan after a very short application process. If you have any questions, just know that their customer service is off the hook!


I am very pleased with your service! Fast, hassle free and very reasonable. I have finished paying my line of credit student loan for now but I am looking forward to working with you in future. Also, thanks for reporting my good credit to the bureaus!


I have bad credit and therefore, I have not been keen on looking for funding from any financial institution to help with my college living expenses. Furthermore, I had never heard of a line of credit student loan before. A friend of mine recommended that I check out Marrick Finance and everything changed since then. I was approved for a student line of credit loan with the credit limit that I had requested for. All this happened in a couple of days and with minimum requirements and hassle on my side.


Marrick Finance provided me with the loan I needed to live on campus. I have a grant that covers my tuition fees, but my bills and living expenses were more than I can manage. Because of Marrick Finance’s line of credit, I am never worried about where my rent is going to come from, and in case of emergencies, I am always covered. It helps me focus on my studies and less on making money.


Nobody wants to borrow money, but everyone needs to have that option. After moving from one institution to another, I was ready to give up going to college for at least a year. An acquaintance then recommended Marrick Finance to me and I thought to just try, it couldn’t hurt. I was amazed by how fast everything happened! In a matter of days since my application, the funds I needed were already on their way to my school to cover the tuition and I got some left to cover some personal expenses. You are the best! Thanks for taking a chance on me!


I have nothing to say but a huge THANK YOU! The service was much faster than I had anticipated, the application process is simple and easy and the people are so nice! I do not have a credit history at all and it has been difficult to get a loan for college from various banks. But here at Marrick Finance, they made me feel valued and listened to. I was able to cover the remaining balance of my tuition expenses with their loan and with better interest rates than the other options I had already looked at. I have to say, it does not get any better than this.


Marrick Finance enabled me to get a student loan to cover my tuition fees and living expenses in full! I was very distressed after I missed out on the federal student loan and I really did not know how I would attend school. Marrick Finance were fast, prompt and willing to help me by all means. The representatives were also very helpful, courteous and went out of their way to make sure I got a good deal and understood everything about the terms. I could never have asked for better service from anyone else.


My line of credit student loan was very easy to apply and get approved for. I was still in a bit of disbelief when I requested for a draw and the money was deposited in my account within a couple of hours. You will never know but you saved the day!


This is my second loan with Marrick Finance and I was still wonderfully surprised with their excellent customer service, efficiency and speed. These guys have always come through when I needed the most and I honestly appreciate it.