Our Belief

We created Marrick Finance to shift the current financial landscape, by allowing students from all walks of life to graduate from college and pursue their dreams.

It’s that simple.

Student lending needs improvement

A few people love their lenders, and is easy to see why. Most student lenders offer products that come with a long list of issues and strings attached.

Some are too expensive, too complex, difficult to navigate repayment, extremely difficult to qualify for, little support and even less empathy, the list goes on.

At Marrick Finance, we think things can be better. That is why we set out to solve all of the issues that we had with our own student loans, starting with the ease of access

Better student loans


  • No cosigner needed
  • Loans based on merit
  • Flexible repayment terms

At Marrick Finance, we focus on you and your academic success. Therefore, you do not need cosigners, family wealth or an unreasonably high credit score to qualify for a loan.

We also offer flexible repayment options including income-based repayment.

Doing better together

Marrick Finance is most effective when we build partnerships with financial aid offices, non-profits and community high schools who care about the success of their students.

Through our partnerships, we are able to bridge the financial gaps that many students experience during their stay in college. This way, we help students focus on what is most important: working hard to get that degree and worrying less about money.

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We are happy when our clients are happy

Client happiness is our sweet spot, our true north. Every day, we endeavor to deliver superior products and unrivaled service. We do everything with utmost integrity to maintain our customers’ trust and nurture long-lasing relationships.

We apply information and empathy to better understand our clients’ needs and serve them better. We also employ the use of technology to create the best product experience at every stage of the process.


Marrick Finance is fully committed to the principle that all credit decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital and familial status, military status, disability, age (provided the applicant has the capacity to contract and providing the applicant is an age meeting the underwriting requirements for the product) or any other basis prohibited by law. Marrick Finance will fulfill this commitment while maintaining prudent credit discipline and sound business practice.